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There are opposite sides to the spectrum: the left and the right side. The left represents inexperience and the right experience. Today you are inexperienced and can't consistently make good trades but at one point in your trading career, you’ll reach the other side of the spectrum where you’ll see opportunities coming a mile away. This is the day things suddenly change for you, this is where you can see a chart and you’ll be able to spot free money sitting there for the taking. That scenario can happen a couple of times per week, this ability to make money quickly comes with experience and patience.

You first have to go through the valley of learning. I promise you that if you stay on this path the Crypto market will be your personal bottomless piggy bank. It will be there for you to cash in on whenever and from wherever 24/7. The Crypto market is the promised land for the disciplined, the patient and for those that want to retire early and work smart towards that goal. Once you learn this skill you will have the ultimate freedom, you’ll report to no one and you’ll be free from a long day's work. However, if it was easy everyone would do it. 

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