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Trading Education

1 on 1 Video Lessons On How To Chart & Trade Crypto

What is the benefit?

To cut down on the mistakes that are draining your account and to bring you into a profitable phase much faster. Making money trading is very real but you have to know which time frames, how to draw lines, which indicators to use and how to use them. 

Who can benefit?

Those tired of losing money
A new trader dedicated to learn
For anyone committed to change careers

Stop giving money away and invest in your education.

The stages of trading

1. Quickly losing money 2. Not losing money by not trading 3. Consistently making money. Only a small number of traders make it to the third stage, mostly after losing a small fortune. You can move right into the third stage with just a few lessons.
A lesson is cheaper than giving money to the market without getting anything in return. 

Don't pay market tuition, instead, pay to learn fast!

Every mistake is costly and with less capital you make less profit.
Create & Read

Create & Read

With good charting comes awareness. Know if you should or should not place a trade based on the current price action.
Ask Questions

Ask Questions

Interact with someone that has experience, clarify confusing concepts or simply ask long unanswered questions about trading.
Chart your path

Chart your path

Take your new skillset and apply it to any asset class. What you learn in crypto is applicable to any market.

Every choice you make matters

When it comes to trading there are different disciplines that you can use for technical analysis: Elliot Wave Theory, Chart Patterns, to Support and Resistance, each of these disciplines have various sets of indicators that can be used. In short, you will need years of trial and error to figure out what works and what does not. Truly profitable pros only use one style and a few time tested and reliable indicators. Book a lesson and find out which style and tools to use.
If you are starting from Zero
Click this link and book the "Looking to enter Crypto" Session.