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An event is developing that will allow BTC to catapult up for a few months up. This event will be a perfect buy zone for BTC but mostly for Altcoins. To find out ahead of time and to keep track of this event sign up for the paid service. 

Bitcoin Rating System

The green "X" tells you when to buy and the red "X" tells you when to sell. Follow along and place your orders at the same time we do. Patience is the key, we do swing and position trades.

Current Market

Current Trend

Good Entry Price

Long Term Entry Price


Notable Event

Fear Factor



None at this point

The 200MA on the 1W

Instability developing



Free comprehensive technical analysis reports 4 to 5 times a week. Click to read the latest report.

Paid signals -$9.99 Monthly (Cancel anytime)

Get signals to buy and sell multiple Altcoins, perfect for those investing less than $5000.00

This is what the tradeFECTO portfolio looks like right now.

What is working capital? Let's say you have 10K to use for investing in crypto, you should only risk 1 to 5% of your working capital. So let's use 1% as an example, that would mean that $100.00 is what you should risk out of your 10K. Please use our Position Size Calculator inside to really understand this concept. 
Percentage Of Working Capital Invested - 100% back in cash100%

Long Term Outlook

The above is not a signal, it is a gauge that tells you if it's safe to buy or sell BTC. It does not tell you the points of entry or exit. Those specific details are in the paid signals page.

Recommended Coins

Live Charts

What makes more money BTC or Altcoins?

Altcoins, hands down. Sign-up for only $9.99 monthly, cancel any time.

BTC Market Share

The higher this number goes the more BTC controls the crypto market, the lower the number goes Altcoins begin to go up in price. If you have invested in Bitcoin you want this number to stay around 70% or higher. If have invested in Altcoins you want this number below 69%.

Total Amount Of Money In Crypto

This number is indicative of the amount of money currently invested in crypto, to give you some perspective at the height of the crypto craze 760 billion was invested, we then dropped to 88 billion. We are currently above 200 Billion, the higher this number the higher BTC goes.

Practice & Profit or Simply Watch & Learn.

Boost your profits, get access to Alts signals for $9.99 per month!

Watch & Learn

Become a swing or position trader

Our goal with the Altscoins signal service is for you to learn how to double your money by watching how it is done. Risk a small amount to cement in good habits that lead to consistently making large profits and keeping them. Get a few lessons, learn concepts and tricks to good trading and practice them along side a pro.

These are short to mid-term traders that like to be out of a trade right when a coin hits a major resistance point. Recommended for beginners and intermediate traders. 

These are traders that stay in a trade for weeks, months or years. These style of trading is best for Crypto, it helps you avoid stop loss hunting and it is more profitable. 

These are traders that have to be out of their trades by the end of each day, this style of trading is not good for Crypto and it is very risky and generates very little profit.