Learn about trading

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Create a strategy

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Make money trading

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Crypto has a steep learning curve, we can help take the edge off.

Strategies based on your current predicament.

If you sunk your savings or 401K in the last 2 years and lost a large percentage, recovering requires planning and strategy.

Capital Risk Aversion

Stop the capital loss and formulate a plan for safely exiting the Crypto markets or for long term recovery. 

TradingView Feels Daunting?

Using your TradingView account properly or not can be the difference between making a profit or just looking at a chart without learning.

Looking to enter Crypto?

There are a few things you need to know before you enter the markets, let's create a plan for protecting & growing your money.

How does it work?

After booking your strategy session you will receive a link via e-mail to a website where you can see a shared screen, a phone number is also provided so you can call in for better audio communication. Please copy the information you see on the email to keep a copy 

Understanding Exchanges

Need help using an exchange? It's not easy to dive into something new, exchanges can be intimidating, let us show you around.

Let's work together

Learn the right way, learn fast!

Information creates awareness. When you build awareness you are careful and more confident about every move you make. In trading, knowing the basics of the game will save you from losing all your money in a few months. Let's talk and build some knowledge before you make any more trades.

Build Knowledge

Do not trade hoping to hit it big and not knowing if you will. 

Build Confidence

Trade with confidence, know the tricks that make trading profitable.